We the Peoples

Struggles of post world war II, where we the Peoples, demanded for our rights.

Decolonization : Asking for independance

Unaligned countries : Avoiding world war (1960s)

Civil Rights movement : Claiming civil rights and racial equality (USA)

Hippies and the Vietnam war : Claiming the rights to live in peace and not to kill nor be killed (USA)

Spring 1968 students protest : claiming social rights (France) - claiming for democratic rights (Tchecoslovakia)

Solidarność striking : Claiming democracy (Poland 1980-1989)

End of apartheid : Claiming to stop racist violence and hate

The citizen revolution Latine America : Claiming social rights

Arab Spring : Claiming democracy (2011-2013)

Occupy Wall Streat movement : Contesting the greed of the wealthy privileged (USA)