James Manley

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Moi, avec une chapka de l'armée rouge !
I am member of the Green Party of England and Wales and the French Left Party
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I am born on July 20 1971 in Manchester. I have an English father and a French mother. I lived, right after I was born 9 years in Germany before coming to France. I lived in Strasbourg, Paris, Lille, in Lorraine and I'm back in Paris.

I did my graduate studies in Strasbourg and Paris. I got a degree in math-economics, a degree in physics and a Master of artificial intelligence.

I am a member of the French left party and the Green party of England and Wales because I think that offering a generous policy and solidarity, the world will end be better. I also think that capitalism is a bad system, as large companies create a lot of pain on earth. And I want a move towards a citizen control, no rich owners and no race to the benefit of these companies. But also because Jean-Luc Mélenchon courrage is to tell the truth. And it makes noise, because the truth in this world ton of hypocrites. Appart from Internet supports, I joined ACRIMED (medias), ATTAC (anti-globalization), AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL (human rights) Federation of Free Thought (secularism) and efFRONTé-e-s (feminism).

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